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"We appreciate the hard work put into the development for A&R Leasing. Thank You for the acquisition, construction, and titles done so promptly."

- Yousse Irrigation


"I wanted to extend some gratitude to you, Barry and Brent in the way in which you have been making this transition for our company, AVR, Inc. Moving a business is such a big deal and we are so pleased at the ease of our partnership in making all the decisions that we have to make. As you know Ron has been out to the site at least a couple of times a week and he is especially pleased with the professionalism and care that is going into constructing the site."



"On behalf of Natural Industries, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and timeliness of our project. Your commitment to keeping the schedule enabled us to complete our building and move in as planned. What was so important to us was how Maverick handled everything so seamlessly from beginning to end. Having the ability to contact you at any time with questions was significant as well. Your dedication to high standards was evident in your work. Thanks for going the distance."

- Natural Industries


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Bryan Frenchak

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