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Houston-based, Maverick Development is owned and operated by Rocktek Paving, proudly serving Houston since 1978.  Maverick strives to create new environments that enrich people’s lives and make a positive impact on the community that we are a part of.  We focus our business on working closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life from conception to completion, while creating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Maverick is positioned to provide you with all of your development needs, including site selection, licensing and permitting, design and construction management of the finished product.   Our goal is to provide efficient service while controlling unnecessary expenses.  With our construction expertise and this vision –to-culmination process, we are able to offer timely construction projects that come in on budget.  These combined skills, along with integrity and teamwork, have created the foundation for our long-standing and continued success.

The Maverick Development Team is always seeking new and unique opportunities.  The urban landscape has ever changing needs and Maverick is skilled at offering creative solutions for new challenges.  While our roots are in serving commercial and Industrial sites, we are expanding our focus to include mixed-use opportunities in the near future.


Maverick Development
6223 Theall Rd.
Houston, Texas 77066


Office: (281) 440-9572

Fax: (281) 440-9206


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